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Black Panther (2008) #9

Title: Black Panther (2008 - 2010)


Issue: Black Panther (2008) #9

Publish Date: 2009

Cover Price: 2.99

UPC: 5960606631-00911


"POWER," PART 3 Things are not what they seem. Not in Wakanda, and not in America. As T'Challa takes the first steps along a pathway that will transform him forever, the new Black Panther fights for her life against the vicious super-villain know as Predator, unaware that it is merely a warm-up for a collision with one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful and feared players. Rated T ...$2.99

Black Panther

Doctor Doom


editor: Axel Alonso

penciller: Will Conrad

penciller: Paul Renaud

writer: Jonathan Maberry

colorist: Peter Pantazis

letterer: Cory Petit