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Black Panther (1977) #2

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$115 CGC - Universal 8.5

Page Quality: OffWhite

Cert #:1270599002

Title: Black Panther (1977 - 1979)


Issue: Black Panther (1977) #2

Publish Date: 1977

Cover Price: 0.3



Hatch-22 is a creature out of time- and he’s not happy about it! Princess Zanda aligns herself with Panther and Abner Little to see Hatch-22 returned to the ‘Sixth Era of Man.’ But will Panther and company find the second Brass Frog in time? Black Panther will need to go to King Solomon's tomb to set right the wrongs unleashed by a dangerous artifact!

Black Panther

inker: Frank Giacoia

editor: Archie Goodwin

editor: Jack Kirby

letterer: Mike Royer