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Super-Team Family (1975) #8

Title: Super-Team Family (1975 - 1978)


Issue: Super-Team Family (1975) #8

Publish Date: 1976

Cover Price: 0



  1. "The Devil's Paradise" President Gerald Ford asks the Challengers to find Henry Kissinger who was lost in the Bermuda Triangle. There they defeat the Tribunal and rescue Henry. June Robbins gets to be the 5th Challenger
  2. The Terrible Secret of Negative Man
  3. The Toys of Terror

Ace Morgan


Gerald Ford

Henry Kissinger

June Robbins

Madame Rouge

Monsieur Mallah

Negative Man

Prof Haley

Red Ryan


Rocky Davis

The Brain

The Tribunal

writer: Arnold Drake

penciler, inker: Bruno Premiani

cover: Jack Abel

penciler: James Sherman

colorist: Liz Berube

cover: Rich Buckler

cover: Tatjana Wood