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DC Comics Secret Society of Super-Villains (1976 - 1978) Secret Society of Super-Villains (1976) #15 Stock

Secret Society of Super-Villains (1976) #15

Title: Secret Society of Super-Villains (1976 - 1978)


Issue: Secret Society of Super-Villains (1976) #15

Publish Date: 1978

Cover Price: 0



Taking a contingent of villains from Earth 1 to his native Earth 2, the Wizard launches a campaign to eliminate the Justice Society of America. The Star Sapphire, however, is not completely on board with the Wizard's scheme, and rises up against him. The Wizard reflects her attack back at her, via his own power gem, and leaves her crumpled up on the floor behind him, as he proceeds with his plan. Mystically compelled to journey to Gotham international Airport, the Golden Age Atom prowls around a deserted section of the facility. In short order, the Wizard reveals himself, as well as his ally, the Blockbuster. The Golden Age Atom and the Blockbuster engage in a brutal conflict, with each combatant trading haymaker blows. Ultimately, they each put one another down, leaving the Wizard to pick up the pieces. Back on Earth 1, in the Secret Citadel headquarters of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the Mirror Master and Copperhead take a meeting with the Silver Ghost. The Silver Ghost is looking to hire some of the Secret Society's members to participate in a revenge scheme against the Freedom Fighters. With the Golden Age Atom safely locked away, the Wizard makes plans to take down his second target. While the Reverse Flash is anxious to test his mettle against the Golden Age Flash, the Wizard, instead, chooses Dr. Mid-Nite.

Following the Wizard's mystic compulsion, Dr. Mid-Nite finds himself at the Keystone City Botanical Gardens. Once more the Wizard revels himself to his foe. Dr. MId-Nite is quick to reach for one of his blackout bombs, but the Reverse Flash relieves the good Doctor of his weapon, before he can throw it. Under his cloak of invisibility, the Wizard withdraws from the field of battle. Dr. Mid-Nite hunts for cover, only to fall into the maw of the Floronic Man's giant Venus Flytrap. Dr. MId-Nite hurls another blackout bomb at his foes. The Reverse Flash intercepts it again, but this time the bomb is set to go off on any impact. With the room plunged in darkness, Dr. Mid-NIte has the time to escape from the Venus Flytrap. The Reverse Flash begins spinning at super speed, dissipating the darkness. The Floronic Man unleashes another of his deadly plants, too late, however, to keep from being knocked out by a charging Dr. Mid-Nite. The Reverse Flash runs Dr. Mid-Nite into the clutching tendrils of the Floronic Man's plant, vibrating himself intangible at super speed, to pass harmlessly through the trap. With Dr. Mid-Nite incapacitated, the two villains depart with their prize. Moments later, Captain Comet arrives, from Earth 3, still following the trail of the super-villains. Anticipating his arrival, the Wizard leaves behind a message taunting Captain Comet, who vows to bring the entire Secret Society of Super-Villains to justice. Back on Earth 1, The Silver Ghost has finished going through the Secret Society's files. Along with Mirror Master and Copperhead, the Silver Ghost chooses the Sizematic Twins, Quakemaster, Chronos, and the Killer Moth to round out his strike team. Though Mirror Master has his doubts, the Silver Ghost assures him that this is the team that will take down the Freedom Fighters. 

Note:  The series was canceled as of this issue due to the so-called DC Implosion of 1978.  The material from the planned subsequent issues was later reworked in Justice League of America #166-168.

Al Pratt


Captain Comet

Charles M McNider


Deborah Darnell

Eobard Thawne

Floronic Man

Mirror Master (Scudder)

Silver Ghost


writer: Bob Rozakis

inker: Bob Smith

colorist: Carl Gafford

inker, cover: Dick Giordano

editor: Jack C. Harris

letterer: Jean Simek

artist: Mike Vosburg

penciler, cover: Rich Buckler