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Freedom Fighters (1976) #8

Title: Freedom Fighters (1976)


Issue: Freedom Fighters (1976) #8

Publish Date: 1977

Cover Price: 0



Uncle Sam tries to reason with the Black Condor, who has been driven insane by his newfound telepathic powers. The Black Condor drops Uncle Sam, over Niagara Falls. The Ray releases the Doll Man, the Human Bomb, and the Phantom Lady, to try to save Uncle Sam. The Ray evaporates Niagara Falls, to keep Uncle Sam from being swept over the falls. The shock of possibly murdering Uncle Sam snaps the Black Condor back to rationality. Uncle Sam reveals that he's alive and well.

By disrupting the flow of water over Niagara Falls, the Ray has accidentally blacked out New York. The District Attorney, David Pearson, receives an offer from the Crusaders, to apprehend the Freedom Fighters. Though at first reluctant to trust more costumed vigilantes, Pearson eventually gives his consent. Martha Roberts, a reporter for WGNY-News, asks to cover the blackout. The Freedom Fighters hole up in an abandoned refreshment stand.

To set right his mistake, the Ray uses his super-luminescent power to light up Buffalo, New York. Fireball, and Sparky, attack the Ray. The Ray escapes their flaming cage, and races to warn the Freedom Fighters. Fireball, and Sparky, follow the Ray to the Freedom Fighter's hideout. Fireball signals the other Crusaders. The Crusaders confront the Freedom Fighters. The Americommando battles Uncle Sam. Barracuda attacks the Phantom Lady.

The Human Bomb tackles the Barracuda, toppling them both into Niagara Falls. The Human Bomb momentarily subdues the Barracuda, with an explosive punch. The Barracuda's stunned form lands directly in front of Roberts. Rusty attacks the Doll Man. The Black Condor, and the Ray, battle Fireball, and Sparky. The Ray extinguishes Fireball. Sparky races to catch Fireball. Sparky finds that Fireball is too heavy for Sparky to remain aloft.

Their descent collides with Roberts, toppling her over the guard rail, where she dangles over Niagara Falls. The Doll Man rushes to rescue Roberts, but is slapped away by Rusty. The Human Bomb rescues Roberts. The Phantom Lady blinds Rusty. The Americommando takes out the Phantom Lady. The Barracuda tackles the Human Bomb. The Barracuda tears off the Human Bomb's helmet. The resultant explosion downs both the Freedom Fighters, and the Crusaders, save for the Americommando, and Uncle Sam.

The Americommando beats Uncle Sam into unconsciousness. The Americommando unmasks, revealing himself to be the Silver Ghost. Unbeknownst to the Silver Ghost, Roberts has witnessed his revelation.


District Attorney David Pearson

Doll Girl

Doll Man


Langford Terrill

Phantom Lady

Richard Grey Jr.

Roy Lincoln


Silver Ghost



Uncle Sam

writer: Bob Rozakis

penciler: Dick Ayers

inker: Jack Abel

editor: Jack C. Harris

penciler, cover: Rich Buckler