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Freedom Fighters (1976) #4

Title: Freedom Fighters (1976)


Issue: Freedom Fighters (1976) #4

Publish Date: 1976

Cover Price: 0



The Freedom Fighters storm the United Nations' Secretariat Building. Both United Nations' security forces, and the New York Police Department, try, and fail, to stop the Freedom Fighters. The Human Bomb covers his companions' charge, threatening to destroy the building unless the police back away. The Freedom Fighters storm the General Assembly hall, of the United Nations. Morgan Tracy, administrator of the United Nations' Crisis Bureau, reveals the Freedom Fighers' siege to Diana Prince. From the translator booth, Prince observes the Freedom Fighters.

Just the day before, Prince, as Wonder Woman, was summoned before the District Attorney, Pearson, the Police Commissioner, Hayden Ross, the Chief of Police, Frank Connelly, and the Mayor's Chief of Staff, Craig Olsen. Pearson tasked Wonder Woman with bringing in the Freedom Fighters. Connelly, Olsen, Pearson, and Ross threatened Wonder Woman with deportation, if she didn't comply. Wonder Woman reluctantly agreed, calling Connelly out for leering at her bosom, before departing. Prince transforms into Wonder Woman. The Amazon Princess confronts the Freedom Fighters.

Wonder Woman uses her bracelets to deflect the Ray's blast. Uncle Sam holds the Human Bomb back, preferring that the Phantom Lady handle Wonder Woman. After a pitched battle, Wonder Woman defeats the Phantom Lady. Angered that the Phantom Lady has been beaten, and possibly injured, the Black Condor, the Doll Man, and the Ray jump Wonder Woman. Their attack is easily evaded. Wonder Woman binds the Human Bomb, and Uncle Sam in her lasso of Truth, ending the fight. The Freedom Fighters depart with Wonder Woman.

The Freedom Fighters explain how they were forced to perform criminal acts, for the Silver Ghost, to secure the lives of half their team. King Samson, using a malfunctioning glove, taken from the Silver Ghost's corpse, accidentally transforms an old woman into a pool of silver. Days earlier, King Samson had murdered his own mother, when he accidentally touched her with the Silver Ghost's glove, transforming her into silver flakes. Enraged, King Samson's simple mind blamed the Freedom Fighters for his mother's death. Wonder Woman works out a deal with Pearson.

The Black Condor, the Doll Man, and the Ray, agree to be taken into custody, and incarcerated. The Human Bomb, the Phantom Lady, and Uncle Sam are allowed to remain free, in the hopes that they can clear their names. Pearson comments on how bad the Human Bomb smells. Wonder Woman teleports up to the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. With Aquaman's aid, Wonder Woman is able to track the Silver Ghost's technology, specifically King Samson's use of the glove. The Freedom Fighter, and Wonder Woman, confront King Samson. King Samson levels a building.

The Freedom Fighters rescue civilians. Wonder Woman binds King Samson in her Lasso of Truth. Impossibly, King Samson is able to break the lasso, with the power of the Silver Ghost's glove. The Phantom Lady tackles King Samson. King Samson lays the Silver Ghost's glove on Wonder Woman, seemingly killing the Amazon Princess. Uncle Sam holds the Human Bomb back. A malfunction in the Silver Ghost's glove is causing it to weaken the bedrock foundation of New York City. Continued use of the glove threatens to destroy the city, unless the Freedom Fighters can defeat King Samson.


District Attorney David Pearson

Doll Man

King Samson

Langford Terrill

Phantom Lady

Richard Grey Jr.

Roy Lincoln

Uncle Sam

Wonder Woman

letterer: Ben Oda

artist, cover: Ernie Chan

editor: Gerry Conway

colorist: Liz Berube

writer: Martin Pasko

inker: Ramona Fradon

inker: Vince Colletta