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Freedom Fighters (1976) #3


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Title: Freedom Fighters (1976)


Issue: Freedom Fighters (1976) #3

Publish Date: 1976

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The police surround the Freedom Fighters. The Human Bomb explosively initiates the Freedom Fighter's escape. The Ray absorbs the light from the police spotlights, then blinds the officers with it. Under cover of the Phantom Lady's black light ray, the Freedom Fighters flee. The police discover the district attorney, Pearson, on the scene. Meanwhile, In Larchmont, Arthur T. Sommar gives in to his homicidal impulses, brutally murdering his wife. The Freedom Fighters hole up in a loft. The Freedom Fighters discuss the circumstances that have led to them becoming wanted men. Darrel Dane arrives, carrying wanted posters, of the Freedom Fighters.

The posters reveal the true identities of each of the Freedom Fighters. Dane uses his scientific acumen, and engineering skills, to construct a device that combines the Phantom Lady's powers with those of the Ray. The resulting combination provides the Freedom Fighters with a cloak of invisibility. The Freedom Fighters foil the robbery of a sporting goods store. Sommar stumbles out of the train station, into the melee. Unseen by all, mischievous Qwardians, bathe Sommar in strange radiation. Sommar becomes Skragg, the Super-Sniper. With one shot, Skragg decimates a city block.

As the Freedom Fighters pull themselves from the rubble, they become aware of the absence of Dane, as the Doll Man, and the Phantom Lady. Skragg levels another skyscraper. The Black Condor, carries the Human Bomb, and Uncle Sam, into combat. Skragg, able to see through the Freedom Fighters' aura of invisibility, fires upon them. In avoiding Skragg's weapons' fire, the Black Condor loses his grip on the Human Bomb, and Uncle Sam. The Ray grabs the Human Bomb, and throws him at Skrag. The Black Condor dives after Uncle Sam. Working as a team, the Freedom Fighters subdue Skragg.

The Doll Man reveals that he leapt onto Skragg, after the first assault, then bided his time, waiting for the moment to strike. The Freedom Fighters grow worried over the Phantom Lady's absence. The Freedom Fighters attempt to reason with Skragg. Initially, Sommar's personality holds sway. Sommar requests permission to make a phone call. The Operator's voice reminds Sommar of his wife, triggering the re-emergence of the Skragg personality. Skragg violently escapes, with the Freedom Fighters in hot pursuit. One of Skragg's weapons threatens to stop the Human Bomb's heart. The Freedom Fighters engage Skragg.

The Human Bomb uses the explosive power in his hands as a defibrillator, restoring his heart's normal rhythm. The Human Bomb destroys Skragg's sky-sled. As Skragg begins to fall, the Ray grabs him. An aftereffect of combining his power, with those of the Phantom Lady, momentarily causes the Ray to become intangible. Skragg falls to his death. The Black Condor discovers that each of the buildings, that Skragg destroyed, housed corporate offices that Sommar worked in, as director. The Phantom Lady returns, having been trapped in rubble for the last several hours, after Skragg's first assault. The Black Condor points out that he rented the loft under his own name, a name known to the police.

Doll Man

Langford Terrill

Phantom Lady

Richard Grey Jr.

Roy Lincoln


Uncle Sam

artist, cover: Dick Giordano

letterer: Gaspar Saladino

editor: Gerry Conway

inker: Juan Diaz Canales

colorist: Liz Berube

writer: Martin Pasko

penciler: Ramona Fradon

colorist, cover: Tatjana Wood