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Freedom Fighters (1976) #15

Title: Freedom Fighters (1976)


Issue: Freedom Fighters (1976) #15

Publish Date: 1978

Cover Price: 0



In the previous issue, three of the Freedom Fighters ( The Human Bomb, The Ray and Phantom Lady) had taken a mysterious Roller-Coster ride which transformed them into "blobs of Jelly " before transporting them millions of miles across the galaxy to an unnamed planet! 
With her phantom-like powers, Phantom Lady finds herself the apparent sole survivor of the jelly transformation, and she takes some time to reflect upon how she ended up becoming a crimefighter in the first place.  
 After searching the space station, she is relieved to find that at least one of her partners, Langford "Happy" Terrill (AKA The Ray) has also used his powers to save himself from the horrible fate, and the two explore the ship before realizing they have reached their destination!
 Once the Space shuttle touches down, the two crime-fighters are witness to a strange and shocking discovery- an alien civilization is using the jelly-like substance they acquire from the captured roller-coster riders to make new super-soldiers that will eventually help them take over Earth!!!   

  With a quick blast  from the Ray's hand, the alien technology WAR MACHINE explodes into bits, and they are happy to discover that all the jelly-like blobs have reverted back to their human status, including their partner, The Human Bomb!  

In the meantime, back on Earth, Uncle Sam and Dollman (along with Firebrand, Batwoman and Batgirl) have secured the other end of the bizarre transportation system, soundly thrashing the remaining alien robots and welcoming home the victims who are hospitalized and sent on their way! 
This was the last issue of the FREEDOM FIGHTERS, but the ongoing story of the group's quest to bring in the Silver Ghost continued next in the pages of THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #16.

Barbara Gordon

Doll Man

Kathy Kane

Langford Terrill

Phantom Lady

Richard Grey Jr.

Rod Reilly

Roy Lincoln

Uncle Sam

penciler, cover: Alex Saviuk

writer: Bob Rozakis

artist: Dick Ayers

inker, cover: Frank Giacoia

artist: Jack Abel

editor: Jack C. Harris

colorist: Mario Sen

letterer: Milt Snapinn

colorist, cover: Tatjana Wood