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Freedom Fighters (1976) #12

Title: Freedom Fighters (1976)


Issue: Freedom Fighters (1976) #12

Publish Date: 1978

Cover Price: 0



The media reports on the imminent execution of the Doll Man. The Human Bomb rails at Uncle Sam for not taking action sooner. Uncle Sam questions Doll Man's innocence. The Human Bomb attacks Uncle Sam. The Phantom Lady breaks up the fight. The Human Bomb, and the Phantom Lady, depart, intent on breaking the Doll Man out of prison. Upon reconsideration, Uncle Sam joins them. The Ray's mysterious benefactor reveals himself to be Rod Reilly, the Firebrand. Reilly, too, is originally from Earth-X.

As the Firebrand, Reilly tried to take down the syndicates. Unfortunately, the police came to believe that the Firebrand was one of the syndicate's leaders. The Firebrand's criminal reputation came to serve him well, when the Nazi's took over the United States of America. The Firebrand, working with the Nazis, would feed them intelligence, setting them up for Reilly, and the resistance, to take them out. When both Reilly, and his masked identity, became wanted men, he escaped to Earth-1.

Reilly had been in hiding, ever since the Freedom Fighters arrived on Earth-1, believing that they had come to apprehend him. Reilly, as the Firebrand, offers to help the Ray break the Doll Man out of prison. Martha Roberts, a reporter, tries to shore up the Doll Man's flagging spirits. Roberts mounts her own investigation into the murder of the district attorney, David Pearson. Roberts discovers a file that will exonerate the Doll Man of the crime.

En route to the prison, Roberts swerves to avoid the swooping figure of the Black Condor. Roberts crashes into a tree, and loses consciousness. Reporters film the Doll Man, as he walks the last mile, to the electric chair. The assistant district attorney, Michael Tulane, is there to personally carry out the Doll Man's execution. The Freedom Fighters storm the prison. Tulane flips the switch, but the Ray absorbs the electrical charge. Reporters surround the Freedom Fighters.

The Human Bomb shoves a microphone down one of the reporters' throats. Uncle Sam releases the Doll Man. Tulane pulls a gun on the Doll Man. The Firebrand punches Tulane into unconsciousness. Under cover of the Phantom Lady's black light beam, the Freedom Fighters escape. Roberts arrives and exposes Tulane as the real murderer. Tulane confesses to the crime. The murder charges against the Doll Man are dropped. All other outstanding charges on the Freedom Fighters, however, still stand. The Black Condor puts himself on a collision course with the Freedom Fighters' van.

Doll Girl

Doll Man

Langford Terrill

Phantom Lady

Richard Grey Jr.

Rod Reilly

Roy Lincoln

Silver Ghost

Uncle Sam

letterer: Ben Oda

colorist: Bob LeRose

writer: Bob Rozakis

inker: Christian Volt

penciler: Dick Ayers

editor: Jack C. Harris