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Freedom Fighters (1976) #11

Title: Freedom Fighters (1976)


Issue: Freedom Fighters (1976) #11

Publish Date: 1977

Cover Price: 0



Delirious, the Ray dreams about his origin. Happy Terrill, a reporter, stepped outside an experimental weather balloon, to effect repairs. Exposed to the radiation of a cosmic storm, Terrill gained the powers that made him the Ray. The Ray regains consciousness, in a remote log cabin, his wounds bandaged. The Ray's mysterious benefactor believes the Ray has come to arrest him. The Ray, however, has no idea who this man is. The Doll Man stands trial for the murder of the District Attorney, David Pearson.

The prosecution calls the assistant district attorney, Michael Tulane, to the stand. Tulane reveals that he heard a gunshot, and rushed into Pearson's office to investigate. Tulane found the Doll Man standing over Pearson's body, holding the murder weapon. The Phantom Lady repairs Uncle Sam's top hat. The Human Bomb is anxious to get back into action. A quartet of Native Americans panhandle, ostensibly to raise funds for education. Disheartened by the lack of revenue raised, the Native Americans form a drum circle, and begin chanting.

Storm clouds build up, releasing bolts of lightning that strike each of the Native Americans, giving each man super powers. The Native Americans immediately use their newfound powers to rob a bank. The Human Bomb, the Phantom Lady, and Uncle Sam confront the Native Americans. Rain-In-The-Face battles the Human Bomb. Thundercloud battles the Phantom Lady. Chief Crazy Horse battles Uncle Sam. Tall Tree pins the Human Bomb underneath the bank vault door. The Native Americans flee.

The police arrive, intent on arresting the Freedom Fighters. The bank manager vouches for the Freedom Fighters. The prosecution calls the Doll Man to the stand. The prosecution shreds the Doll Man's credibility, while throwing doubt on his story. The Human Bomb, the Phantom Lady, and Uncle Sam confront the Native Americans, in the midst of another bank robbery. Thundercloud battles the Human Bomb. The Phantom Lady uses her black light beam to blind Chief Crazy Horse. Uncle Sam attacks Tall Tree.

The Phantom Lady tricks Chief Crazy Horse into colliding, at super-human speed, with Rain-In-The-Face. The Human Bomb uses his explosive fists to punch Thundercloud into Tall Tree, who topples over onto Chief Crazy Horse, and Rain-In-The-Face. The police arrest the Native Americans. Though there are warrants out for the apprehension of the Freedom Fighters, the police let them go. The Doll Man is found guilty of murder in the first degree.

District Attorney David Pearson

Doll Girl

Doll Man

Langford Terrill

Phantom Lady

Richard Grey Jr.

Rod Reilly

Roy Lincoln

Uncle Sam

writer: Bob Rozakis

penciler: Dick Ayers

inker: Jack Abel

editor: Jack C. Harris

colorist: Liz Berube

letterer: Milt Snapinn

penciler, cover: Rich Buckler

colorist, cover: Tatjana Wood