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Batman & Robin Eternal (2015) #22

Title: Batman & Robin Eternal (2015 - 2016)


Issue: Batman & Robin Eternal (2015) #22

Publish Date: 2016

Cover Price: 0



It’s the catastrophic conclusion of the acclaimed weekly series that brings together all of Batman’s one-time partners! Mother’s trap has been sprung, and the whole world is feeling her wrath! Can Dick Grayson pull together his allies to fight an entire army of foes? Is one among them still under Mother’s control? And what will become of Cassandra Cain? You won’t believe how huge this battle can become!



Cassandra Cain

Damian Wayne

David Cain

Dick Grayson


Jason Todd


Poppy Ashemore

Tim Drake

cover: Carlo Pagulayan

editor: Chris Conroy

letterer: Corey Breen

editor, other: Dave Wielgosz

artist: Fernando Blanco

writer: Genevieve Valentine

other: James Tynion IV

colorist: John Rauch

editor, other: Mark Doyle

cover: Michael Jason Paz

cover: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

other: Scott Snyder