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Batman & Robin Eternal (2015) #19

Title: Batman & Robin Eternal (2015 - 2016)


Issue: Batman & Robin Eternal (2015) #19

Publish Date: 2016

Cover Price: 0



Everything that can go wrong does in both the past and the present! Batman spent years believing Mother was dead…and when you see their blood-soaked confrontation, you’ll know why! Now that she’s returned in the modern day, Batman’s allies will find themselves under siege from a world-destroying weapon they never saw coming! And on top of everything…Harper Row learns a devastating secret that will change her life forever—and potentially make her the most dangerous foe the Robins have ever faced!


Cassandra Cain

David Cain

Frau Netz

Huntress (Bertinelli)

Jason Todd

Jolisa Windsor

Lotti Duff

Miranda Row

Miss Gold

Paris Pantoja

Poppy Ashemore

Tim Drake

letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

editor: Chris Conroy

editor, other: Dave Wielgosz

other: James Tynion IV

editor, other: Mark Doyle

penciler, cover: Paul Pelletier

colorist: Rain Beredo

other: Scott Snyder

writer: Tim Seeley

cover: Tomeu Morey

inker, cover: Tony Kordos