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Action Comics (2011) #23.4A

Title: Action Comics (2011 - 2016)

Volume: Volume 2.

Issue: Action Comics (2011) #23.4

Publish Date: 2013

Cover Price: 0



Before he became Metal-Zero, John Corben had two great loves: his country and Lois Lane. Awakening from a coma after the events of ACTION COMICS #8, Corben finds himself betrayed by both—and now his Kryptonite heart beats only for revenge! And when he joins up with the Secret Society, there’s no limit to the destruction he can cause!

Note: Superman only appears on the cover.

General Sam Lane



cover: Aaron Kuder

colorist: Barbara Ciardo

editor: Chris Conroy

cover: Dan Brown

colorist: David Curiel

editor: Matt Idelson

writer: Sholly Fisch

artist: Steve Pugh

letterer: Taylor Esposito