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Action Comics (2011) #20B

Title: Action Comics (2011 - 2016)

Volume: Volume 2.

Issue: Action Comics (2011) #20

Publish Date: 2013

Cover Price: 0



Superman battles an enemy of his own making in the horrible Hybrid—but what else does Lex Luthor have in store for The Man of Steel and the people of Metropolis? Get set to learn some of the secrets behind Luthor’s role in The New 52!




Lara Lor-Van

Lex Luthor

Shay Veritas


Zora Lor-Van

writer: Andy Diggle

editor: Anthony Marques

letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

editor: Eddie Berganza

writer: Frank Hannah

inker: Jonathan Glapion

inker, cover: Matt Banning

penciler: Philip Tan

editor: Rickey Purdin

writer: Scott Lobdell

letterer: Taylor Esposito

colorist, cover: Tomeu Morey

writer, penciler, inker, cover: Tony Daniel