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Frequently Asked Questions

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Open Offers are offers on items placed by buyers. They are 100% backed by a credit card or other form of payment. Buyers are only charged when their offer is accepted by a Verified Seller.

Open Offers can be placed on any item regardless if it is currently available for sale. After your Open Offer is placed, the Covetly network of Verified Sellers will scour the planet in search of your item!

See all Open Offers here.

1. Select Profile under the account toolbar.

2. Select View Open Offers from the menu.

3. Select "Disable" to cancel the Open Offer.

If your listed item price AND condition match the Open Offer price AND condition, the buyer will be charged and you will receive shipping instructions.

If you already have an item listed for sale that has an Open Offer, just lower the price to match the offer. This assumes your listed item meets the minimum condition requirement set by the buyer.

If there are multiple buyers with the same Open Offer price, the buyer who placed their offer first will be processed first.

Fill out the Verified Seller application here. The more information you submit, the better your chances of approval. For updates on your application, send us an email.

STEP 1: Go to the “Add Item” tab.

STEP 2: Search for an item via the search bar. Open the “Item Detail” by clicking on the item. Enter the Amount, Shipping Cost, and Quantity.

STEP 3: Click Save.

Note: If you select a quantity more than one, multiple items will appear under the “Current Inventory” tab and will need to be edited or deleted individually. Remember, "Mint in Box" means no dents, creases, folds, kinks in the plastic, and smashed corners.

Go to the “Current Inventory” tab and select an item by clicking or tapping.
Edit the price, shipping, notes, etc.
Click “SAVE”.

Go to the “Current Inventory” tab and select an item. Click the “DELETE” button.

Go to the “Current Inventory” tab. Hover your mouse over the photo and click to select. Repeat for other items you want to delete. Once all items are selected, click the “Confirm Delete” button in the upper corner.

When you receive an order, it will be listed under the "Charged Orders” tab. Select the order and enter the tracking number. Click the “Save” button. This order will now move to the “Sales History” tab.

Reach out to us through our Facebook page, or send us an email.

10% of the price will be deducted as fees.

Email us with your order number, and the reason for cancelling your order. All cancelled orders will be accessed 20% fee of the total sales price.

Payments are available the day after an item is confirmed delivered. Payments are automatically released every Friday via the payment method you indicated in your seller application. Email us at any time for early payments.

Shipping costs are $5 by default. You can edit this in your "User Summary".

If shipping via USPS Priority mail, the first $50 is covered with your postage purchase. Always add insurance for every item, and be sure to provide the extra insurance for items above $50.

Please use sturdy boxes. Recycling boxes are great, but if they are falling apart they will not protect the item. Wrap the item in bubble wrap to fill the empty space in the box. If unsure, just double box!

You are expected to ship within three business days (Monday through Saturday). Failure to to do so may cause your seller account to be suspended or terminated. If for any reason you cannot ship within three business days, inform us with the cause for the delay via email.

The email address used for payouts is listed under Seller Settings (Seller Panel). You can change it here (must be logged in): Be sure to tap "Save" after editing your information.

Seller order fulfilment rate is calculated by dividing the successfully fulfilled orders by total orders received by the seller, multiplied by 100. The order fulfilment percentage is then divided by 20 to convert it into a 5 star rating. Stay tuned as we are expanding the seller rating feature. In the meantime, send us ideas for features here.

FIll out the missing item form here. Most items will be added within 24 hours.

Orders are shipped within 3 business days following the day an order is placed. Order History and tracking numbers are displayed by navigating to Profile under the “Account” tab.

Whenever you make a purchase on Covetly, we hold the payment from the seller until 2 days from the date of delivery.

If the buyer doesn’t raise concerns with the order within 2 days of confirmed delivery, we will auto-release the seller’s payment. After the seller payment has been released, no refunds or returns can be made.

All prices include shipping costs (US-only).


If the item received isn’t as described by the seller, reach out to us to request a return within 2 days of receiving the item with the order ID and photo evidence.

Upon receiving your request, our team will thoroughly review the case. If the return is approved, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label so you can ship the item back to the seller.

When the item is confirmed delivered we’ll issue you a refund to the original form of payment.

All high value items are hand-verified by Covetly experts for authenticity or damage before shipping to you. The seller will ship to Covetly HQ where the item will be thoroughly inspected, verified, and then shipped to the buyer.

Rest assured, your item is guaranteed 100% authentic.

If you are looking for a particular sticker, please verify with the actual item photos before ordering.

If photos are not available, tap the "REQUEST PHOTO" button. You will be notified when the seller adds photos.


Send us an email to receive an invoice for an international order.

In the email, please include:
1. The URLs/links of all items you wish to purchase. Even if it is not currently for sale on Covetly, include the URL as we can likely source ANY item in NYC.

2. Your full shipping address.

3. You will then receive an invoice with a shipping deposit.

Once your invoice is paid, all items will ship to Covetly HQ. You will receive a tracking number when all items arrive.


YOU WILL BE REFUNDED ANY SHIPPING COSTS if the actual shipping and insurance is less than your shipping deposit. AWESOME! You only pay ACTUAL shipping costs!

Estimated International Shipping Costs

Country 1 Item Shipping 2 Item Shipping 3-4 Items Shipping
Mexico $27 $36 $45
Canada $20 $30 $40
Argentina, Brazil $27 $38 $49
Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France $27 $38 $49
India, Philippines $27 $40 $53
Japan, South Korea $27 $40 $53
Australia $30 $45 $55

Disclaimer: Shipping prices above are estimates and are subject to change at anytime. Covetly is not responsible for any extra fees accessed by local customs. Covetly is not responsible for any items seized by local customs. However, we will work with you to provide any necessary paperwork to claim your merchandise.

Ready to order? Send us an email.

Returns are accepted for store credit, subject to a 20% restocking fee. Shipping for returns is the responsibility of the customer. Send us an email for a return ticket.

Your order will be shipped from the respective Verified Seller who listed the item for sale.

If a delivery is attempted and returned to the Verified Seller, don't worry, the item is still reserved for you. However the buyer is responsible for any additional shipping costs.

Covetly utilizes Stripe for all payments. No credit card info is ever stored in Covetly databases. More info on Stripe payment security here.

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm ET excluding holidays. If you reach out to us over the weekend or during a holiday, we'll get back to you ASAP during the next business day.

Once you pre-order an item, you are charged for the item. Covetly only offers pre-orders for items that are reserved for guaranteed delivery through the manufacturers (and verified sellers). Pre-orders will ship as soon as they are delivered by the manufacturers. Only in rare cases (such as delivery of damaged items) will your pre-order be canceled.

To enable notifications in the mobile app, go to Settings >Notifications and select the Covetly App from the display list.​ Adjust your preferences accordingly.

Historical prices and statistics are calculated using past sales. The “Historical Price” section is displayed as tools for buyers and sellers to make informed transactions. Covetly data includes sales from both the Covetly marketplace and other public marketplaces.

Historical price data is shown with shipping included. This is to best compare the prices to Covetly “Buy Now” prices, in which shipping is included.

52 Week Range: the highest and lowest sale of the item over the last year.

90 Day Vol: the total number of the item sales in the last 3 months

Highest Open Offer: the current highest Covetly Open Offer. See FAQs for more info on Covetly Open Offers

Lowest For Sale: the current lowest price to purchase this item

Liquidity: this metric derived from the number of sales of the particular item versus the other items in the same subcategory. The values listed here are as follows
LOW: the item is in the lower third of total items sold in the last 90 days for the subcategory
MED: the item is in the middle third of total items sold in the last 90 days for the subcategory
HIGH: the item is in the upper third of total items sold in the last 90 days for the subcategory; these items are sold more than the majority of other items in the subcategory

Demand Ratio: the total number of people that have the item in their want list divided by the total number of people that have the item in their collection

Please send an email to from your account registration email along with your username.

Write an email to and we will revert to you within 2 business days.